Q: What do we look for in a franchisee?
A: We seek motivated individuals who are entrepreneurially minded, with sufficient capital to invest and who possess a genuine interest in being involved in their business in order to provide the “hands on” control required to satisfy guests and staff.

Q: How much equity (cash) is required?
A: You will need between $75,000 to $100,000 of unencumbered cash.

Q. What is the cost of a Pannizza restaurant?
A: The purchase of a turnkey Pannizza restaurant ranges from $175,000 to $225,000. Certain factors, such as local labour, material cost, legal requirements, condition of the space to be leased, landlord’s contribution towards leasehold improvements will determine the final cost.

Q. Does Pannizza provide financial assistance?
A: Pannizza does not provide financing for franchisees, however we will help you prepare a detailed application for financing which will assist you in obtaining the required level of financing.

Q. What is the initial Franchise Fee?
A: The initial Franchise Fee is $20,000 and the services provided prior to opening include:

  • Use of concept trademarks, logos and proprietary products and services
  • Site selection based on proven selection criteria
  • Design and specifications according to the Pannizza model
  • Supervision of all interior and exterior construction
  • Assistance with all pre-opening activities, including national purchasing, coordination with suppliers, municipalities and trades

Q. How much is the Royalty fee?
A: The Royalty fee is 6% of gross sales paid weekly.

Q. What do I get for this fee?
A: A. The Royalty fee allows you to benefit from ongoing services such as:

  • Use of the Pannizza logos and trademarks
  • Use of all confidential operational manuals
  • Assistance in monitoring hygiene and food safety
  • Centralized suppliers and distribution
  • Continuous support and operational guidance
  • Research, development and quality control

Q. What is the advertising fee?
A: The advertising fee is 3% of gross sales paid weekly.

Q. As an investor, do I also have to operate the restaurant?
A: Pannizza offers everything from owner/operator agreements to Development Agent Agreements. For all independent owner/operator locations, Pannizza’s policy is that one of the partners with at least 10% equity participation complete our training program and be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the restaurant. Development Agents will fall under different criteria due to the fact that the Agent will be responsible to develop franchise locations and provide operational support within a defined geographical market.

Q. What is a Development Agent and how do I become a Development Agent?
A: Development Agents are independent contractors who help us award franchises, secure real estate, help restaurants open and manage franchisee relations within a defined geographical market. We personally interview all applicants, once we’ve reviewed your application form and checked references.

Q. Do I receive any training?
A: Pannizza ensures our franchisees have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to successfully operate their restaurant.

  • The owner/operator follows two (2) weeks of training. (Theoretical and Practical)
  • Grand opening training and assistance for one (1) week.

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