Support! Support! Support!

Owning a Pannizza is a tremendous opportunity! Our franchisees benefit from a turnkey concept supported by a well-established and knowledgeable team with decades of operational and managerial experience in the hospitality industry.

Our team works with you, lending our expertise and experience to every aspect of your business, from preliminary layout to opening day and beyond. We support you from start until success!

Pre-Opening Support

  • Market Evaluation
  • Site Selection
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Business Plan Preparation Assistance
  • Architectural and Interior Design
  • Construction and Equipment


  • Complete Training Program
  • Continuous Support System
  • Experienced and Motivated Operations Team
  • Guidance with Day-to-Day Operations


  • Exciting Brand and Continuously Evolving Concept
  • National Advertising Campaign
  • Marketing and Advertising Support on a National and Local Level


  • Centralized Suppliers and Distribution
  • Collective Buying Power
  • Continuous Research and Development


  • Comprehensive Training on Accounting Procedures
  • Detailed Reporting to Manage Performance - Store Ranking and Bench Marking

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